‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Looks Insanely Cool.

Sony Pictures entertainment released a full trailer for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” this morning and it skyrocketed up my list of movies i’m excited for.

The art style, the writing, Miles Morales, SPIDER GWEN. WHAT?! I would looooove for Sony to knock this out of the park. I can’t wait to get to see this on the big screen. Just look at these screenshots:80hMlYb.jpgSpider-Man-Into-The-Spider-Verse-Official-Teaser-Trailer-2.jpgSpider-Man-Into-the-Spider-Verse-Miles-Morales-1.jpg

Christmas can’t come soon enough.

Avengers 4 Theory

There are spoilers here for Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading and go see it. It came out a month ago. 

Now that I have your attention, I would like to propose an exercise not unlike the brilliant geniuses at Warner Brothers who came up with the idea of the 1996 classic Space Jam:

Imagine if you will that next summer the Avengers movie takes up after the dusting of half the world and instead of the many “Gamora is trapped in the Soul Stone” theories running around the internet, you found out that Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers challenged Thanos to a baseball game. Why do I think this would be cool? I enjoy the MCU and really love baseball. I also like chocolate and peanut butter, and Reese’s makes a damn fine candy.

Baseball nerds/coaches/softball players/Pinterest lovers have seen memes like the one below. This will be useful as I try and build the perfect lineup for this galactic baseball game.


At the conclusion of Infinity War, these were the non-dust Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, The Hulk (but really just Bruce Banner), Thor, War Machine, Nebula and Okoye. That is 9 by my count and there are 9 players on a team. We also “know” that Ant-Man, The Wasp, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel are set to appear in the 4th Avengers film. Thus I give you the Avengers Baseball Lineup guaranteed to defeat Thanos.

Leading off would be my Shortstop Black Widow. She is the most acrobatic player on the team and can change direction at any moment (just like in Civil War). As someone who has been in 6 films in the MCU, you need her at the top of the order.

Batting second will be Centerfielder and Joe DiMaggio contemporary Captain America. We know he is fast from the time he met Falcon running laps around DC. And you know he could use his shield to help catch fly balls.

In the 3 spot we need the best all around hitter and this is where I go with Iron Man. He’s a 3rd Baseman type with an erratic arm, and I am sure he will do his best to hit the ball beating any shifts with the help of his IT.

Captain Marvel is perhaps the most powerful hero alive in the MCU. The 4 spot is perfect for her power as Designated Hitter.

Were Groot to have survived, he would be the First Baseman. Who can stretch better than him? Thor is the tallest remaining Avenger (not the most powerful… not when your nickname is Point Break), so he will play first and hit with his new Groot inspired axe, Stormbreaker.

Batting 6th would be the Catcher Okoye. No balls will get past her as she defends home plate like she would Wakanda.

Unlike the Little League meme that has the outfielders are more valuable than in Tball, I am going to put The Wasp in Left Field as she can clearly catch anything. She will cover the ground well while Ant-Man handles Right Field, sometimes up to 65 feet tall.

You need communication and chemistry between your second baseperson and shortstop. Nebula showed the willingness to work Gamora in GoG2 and will hopefully do the same with Black Widow up the middle.

Rocket Raccoon is the starting pitcher who would be willing to do anything to doctor a ball and get an advantage. He would never get rattled and has the irrational confidence necessary to succeed as a pitcher in a game with this magnitude.

Hawkeye is the left handed reliever ready to come out of the bullpen and neutralize a rally.

At the end of Civil War, War Machine lost the use of his legs. With this situation, it makes sense to have him as the old manager to hobbles out to the mound to make a pitching change or talk with his team.

Hollywood has been toying with us about a Space Jam sequel for years built around LeBron James. This would definitely appease the Space Jammers and make for a perfect summer movie.

Order Avenger Position
1 Black Widow SS
2 Captain America CF
3 Iron Man 3B
4 Captain Marvel DH
5 Thor 1B
6 Okoye C
7 The Wasp LF
8 Ant Man RF
9 Nebula 2B
Bench Rocket Raccoon Starting Pitcher
Bench Hawkeye Left Handed reliever
Bench War Machine Manager

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James Mangold Set to Direct Boba Fett Spinoff

Logan, Walk the Line Director has been selected to write and direct the upcoming standalone ‘Star Wars’ movie about everyone’s favorite bounty hunter…

After being rumored for what has felt like 5 years, we are finally getting confirmation of another ‘Star Wars’ spinoff on the mysterious bounty hunter that has captivated fans everywhere. How could it get any better?

Here ya go; How about if the dude who directed Logan was hired to run this movie? Sounds pretty friggin’ awesome if you ask me.

Well, it seems we’re getting just that.

The Hollywood Reporter released news about 2 hours ago that the Boba Fett standalone movie will be headed by James Mangold, the director of Logan. This news comes hours ahead of the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Mangold will be responsible for writing and directing this standalone ‘Star Wars’ spinoff.

This Mangold hire sounds incredible for the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Mangold’s usual dark outlook on a movie universe is an excellent fit for Boba Fett’s character. To provide perspective on Mangold’s experience, just to look back on some of Mangold’s history: Logan happened to be one of my best movies of 2017 and easily one of my most favorite superhero movies of all-time, Walk the Line was an engaging film on the life of Johnny Cash from Mangold, and 3:10 to Yuma is an incredible western movie that I thoroughly enjoy every time it comes on.

The list goes on and on with Mangold and his movie successes. Just imagine Mangold’s film direction with a Star Wars budget. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

It seems like everyone’s favorite Mandalorian is in good hands for his standalone premier. I, for one, cannot wait to discover more about this movie. Perhaps we can finally get some closure on how Boba Fett escaped that Sarlacc Pit.

What say you? Does this recently confirmed Boba Fett spinoff get you excited? Sound off in the comments section!

Netflix is now “more valuable” than Disney.

Thats a wild sentence to read in the headline huh? What an accomplishment for Reed Hastings and Netflix.

It’s stock today rose to $349.29 per share with a market cap of $161 billion, while Disney took a small hit and fell to $102.11 per share, with a market cap of $152 billion. Thats an insane amount of money for both of these media empires.

Netflix consistently churns out quality originals, and supplements them with a good assortment of movies and TV shows from the past to keep people entertained. They’re set to put out more than 800 pieces of original content in 2018, and have an ever expanding library of outstanding standup specials (my most recent addiction). It makes sense, but will it last?

Disney is still set to release their own streaming service at some point in the near future, or potentially focusing on Hulu, where they will be majority owners if their purchase of 21st Century Fox goes through. That means all of their content will leave Netflix (after the contract is up) and migrate to a new platform. I hope they expand their lineup of streamable movies as well, and reach deep into their backlogs ( Really I just want to be able to watch Robin Hood.)

I would also assume that ESPN (who’s parent company is Disney) would have their content placed on Disney’s service, meaning all of the 30-for-30 content that they have produced. That even further increases the value of said service, and I would assume at its launch would bump Disneys stock up and make them the top dog again.

For now though, Netflix is King.

https://giphy.com/embed/rVZEejvVWEbugvia GIPHY

Will There Ever Be a Star Wars Movie That Surpasses The Original Trilogy?

Lets get right into it.



No, I don’t think there will ever be a Star Wars Movie that surpasses the original trilogy, and especially not the Empire Strikes Back. Now don’t get bent out of shape over this, because I think you’re going to agree with me by the end of this post.

There will never be a moment more important to my love of Star Wars and subsequently Pop-Culture, than seeing The Original Trilogy (again specifically Empire) for the first time. No I didn’t see it in Theatres (that would be Louie’s department), but sitting right up in front of the television screen in the living room of my childhood home and watching Star Wars for the first time was such an important moment for me, that I don’t think it can ever be topped.

That being said, I love The Last Jedi, and am extremely excited to go watch Solo in a matter of hours at this point. Lets not act like Rey and Kylo’s fight against the Praetorian guards wasn’t the most well choreographed fight in the history of the franchise, and one of the best in movies period.


Kylo through the eye.jpg

Rogue One was also an outstanding movie that set up the fact that Star Wars could be more than just the classic Star Wars story. It could be a War Movie full of sacrifice and large amounts of death, including all of its main characters. The changes to the classic Star Wars Story that were pushed by Rogue One and The Last Jedi are absolutely necessary to keeping the franchise fresh.

Once we get over the fact that there might not ever be a Star Wars movie that meets the experience of seeing the series for the first time as a child (and that there will probably never be a movie worse than Attack of the Clones) we will all finally be able to look at these movies for what they are, great movies in our favorite franchise. Empire Feature Image.jpeg


If this single image doesn’t make you excited to see it in action, you might actually be a crazy person:


Deadpool 2 Review: Hip-Busting Comedy and Non-Stop Action.

The second installment of Deadpool doesn’t shine quite as bright as it’s predecessor, but still effectively does its job of entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds continued his outstanding performance from the first Deadpool into the sequel delivering perfectly well placed jokes and non-stop entendres. The movie takes a similar begining to the last, showing Deadpool in a precarious situation, and then immediately breaking the fourth wall and addressing why and how he got into said situation. In a move that could seem corny and unnecessary, Reynolds does a good job at carrying the scenes, and the action (as is the case with almost all of the action in the movie) keeps the viewer interested.


The interest of the story misses a few beats in terms of pacing and development, specifically around the introduction of slight changes to a few of the minor characters, but makes up for it’s miss-steps in establishing a strong reasoning behind Wade Wilson’s motivation. The movie sees it’s hero thrust into an incredibly difficult situation, mostly by his own doing, but does a great job at issuing a reason for him to turn it around.

The introduction of new characters to the movie was also handled well. Reynolds and Zazie Beets (Domino) establish a great back and forth that carries throughout the movie, and the addition of other new characters to the ranks seems purposeful, even if their appearance is only to set up comedy.


Overall, the movie delivers on becoming an enjoyable sequel to the great first introduction to the character. It offers a lot of real character development (something that the original lacked) and builds more of a world that is interesting enough to want to return to. The odd pacing in the second act and some missed character development from side characters keeps it’s score down, but overall this is a very good movie that is well worth your time.

Deadpool 2 review.png

Solo rhymes with #YOLO…

which is close to Yoda, who is green and so is money, which I think this movie may make a lot of. And with these opening crimes against grammar, I have to get on the hype train of the most anticipated movie of next weekend.

If 11 year old me knew that 35 years from now I would be getting to see the 4th STAR WARS movie in the past 4 years, my head would have exploded. Of course if there was a movie about young Han Solo meeting Chewie, I would have thought for sure that Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew would definitely be in it. 11 year old me was stuck in a 3 year debate with anyone who would have it, that Darth Vader was definitely not Luke Skywalker’s father because Luke was good and Darth was evil. Only when I saw Jedi did I believe it. But to have so many STAR WARS movies coming out at this time is a wonderful thing.

Since we now live in this time, I admit to tracking casting and story rumors of this film for the past couple of years. I was pumped with the news of Donald Glover, “the king of all media 2018” taking the smooth role of Lando Calrissian. Even after seeing Alden Ehrenreich in Hail Caesar, I was barely whelmed about him as Han. I was excited that the guys who brought you the Lego Movie were brought on to direct and bummed when they were fired mid-shoot. Disney/Lucasfilms did the brilliant thing and hired #ProfessionalMovieDirector Ron Howard to come in and fix the movie. Michael K. Williams was replaced by Paul Bettany was one of the casting changes due to scheduling conflicts, but Woody Harrelson remains as the sage veteran smuggler. The buzz is that this will be an entertaining film. I really like what Kevin Smith has to say.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.30.09 PM

That is all of the endorsement I need to see this, although I was going anyways. We are one week away. Watch this again and get hype(rspace)d.

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