Battlefield V Reveal Event Roundup: Release Date, Trailer, Changes to Premium, Battle Royale

The Battlefield V Reveal Event answered some key questions that have been circulating, especially regarding to Battle Royale Rumors

The Reveal event for Battlefield V was today, and with it we have learned a lot more about DICE’s upcoming shooter. The trailer shows *game-play* though i’m very skeptical about it actually being game-play, and not just a cinematic put together with the UI over the top of it. The full trailer is at the bottom of the page!


Battlefield V will be set in World War Two as had been previously rumored. The trailer shows many WWII Era weapons and vehicles in-between moments of being a cluttered mess.

Single Player Campaign:

DICE is opting to return to their “War-Stories” that first appeared in their WWI shooter Battlefield 1. The Stories in BF1 were short vignettes of soldiers in different theatres of war. During the event it was said the Stories in Battlefield V would be smaller stories from Theater’s of War that are rarely explored in World War 2 Games.

Premium Pass:

Battlefield V will not have a Premium Pass this time around, meaning that all post release content will be free to all players. The game will include micro-transactions, though it is said they will be purely cosmetic. There is a heavy amount of different customizations shown in the reveal trailer, suggesting you will be able to customize your character in a variety of ways

Battle Royale and New Game Modes:

DICE will not be hopping on the Battle Royale craze, well atleast not entirely. Instead, the Operations game mode has been expanded and will feature an extra sudden-death round named “Last Stand.”

The game will also include a four-player co-op mode called “Combined Arms.” The mode sees a team of four paratroopers. The job of the players is to go behind enemy lines undetected and complete objectives. These missions are supposedly dynamic, and will feature risk-reward aspects allowing the players to decide when to extract, or to risk it for more loot. It was described as a way to “learn the ropes” for those new to Battlefield.

That’s it for the Battlefield V Round-Up. Let us know if your excited about the additions, and what you think of the addition of a Co-Op mode on all of our social media, or by commenting below!

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Will There Ever Be a Star Wars Movie That Surpasses The Original Trilogy?

Lets get right into it.



No, I don’t think there will ever be a Star Wars Movie that surpasses the original trilogy, and especially not the Empire Strikes Back. Now don’t get bent out of shape over this, because I think you’re going to agree with me by the end of this post.

There will never be a moment more important to my love of Star Wars and subsequently Pop-Culture, than seeing The Original Trilogy (again specifically Empire) for the first time. No I didn’t see it in Theatres (that would be Louie’s department), but sitting right up in front of the television screen in the living room of my childhood home and watching Star Wars for the first time was such an important moment for me, that I don’t think it can ever be topped.

That being said, I love The Last Jedi, and am extremely excited to go watch Solo in a matter of hours at this point. Lets not act like Rey and Kylo’s fight against the Praetorian guards wasn’t the most well choreographed fight in the history of the franchise, and one of the best in movies period.


Kylo through the eye.jpg

Rogue One was also an outstanding movie that set up the fact that Star Wars could be more than just the classic Star Wars story. It could be a War Movie full of sacrifice and large amounts of death, including all of its main characters. The changes to the classic Star Wars Story that were pushed by Rogue One and The Last Jedi are absolutely necessary to keeping the franchise fresh.

Once we get over the fact that there might not ever be a Star Wars movie that meets the experience of seeing the series for the first time as a child (and that there will probably never be a movie worse than Attack of the Clones) we will all finally be able to look at these movies for what they are, great movies in our favorite franchise. Empire Feature Image.jpeg


If this single image doesn’t make you excited to see it in action, you might actually be a crazy person:


Deadpool 2 Review: Hip-Busting Comedy and Non-Stop Action.

The second installment of Deadpool doesn’t shine quite as bright as it’s predecessor, but still effectively does its job of entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds continued his outstanding performance from the first Deadpool into the sequel delivering perfectly well placed jokes and non-stop entendres. The movie takes a similar begining to the last, showing Deadpool in a precarious situation, and then immediately breaking the fourth wall and addressing why and how he got into said situation. In a move that could seem corny and unnecessary, Reynolds does a good job at carrying the scenes, and the action (as is the case with almost all of the action in the movie) keeps the viewer interested.


The interest of the story misses a few beats in terms of pacing and development, specifically around the introduction of slight changes to a few of the minor characters, but makes up for it’s miss-steps in establishing a strong reasoning behind Wade Wilson’s motivation. The movie sees it’s hero thrust into an incredibly difficult situation, mostly by his own doing, but does a great job at issuing a reason for him to turn it around.

The introduction of new characters to the movie was also handled well. Reynolds and Zazie Beets (Domino) establish a great back and forth that carries throughout the movie, and the addition of other new characters to the ranks seems purposeful, even if their appearance is only to set up comedy.


Overall, the movie delivers on becoming an enjoyable sequel to the great first introduction to the character. It offers a lot of real character development (something that the original lacked) and builds more of a world that is interesting enough to want to return to. The odd pacing in the second act and some missed character development from side characters keeps it’s score down, but overall this is a very good movie that is well worth your time.

Deadpool 2 review.png

Black Ops 4 Reveal Event: What We Learned (All Trailers Included)

Treyarch hosted a reveal event for Black Ops 4 today revealing many of the details around the game and what it would ship with, including a (you guessed it) Battle Royale mode. 

First off, to no surprise, multiplayer is returning, but with quite a few changes from the recent direction of Call of Duty. It is seemingly set around the same time as Black Ops 3, meaning the near future, but will not have any jump packs or wall running. The gameplay showed was still quick though, focusing on the use of a grappling hook, and some new mechanics including the player keeping guns up when using equipment and healing.

Yes, healing. Players will now have to manually heal themselves in Call of Duty multiplayer, adding an entirely new dimension to the game. From the look of the trailer, the time to kill on players was much higher than we are used to seeing from Call of Duty games when they were at full health (indicated by a health bar above their head). Health will not regenerate naturally though, and will require an injection to accomplish. It was not shown if this would be an immediate heal, or if it would just start the process of healing slowly.

Rounding out the returning portions of the games is the fan-favorite Zombies mode in the form of “Voyage of Despair”. The co-op undead killing party continues, and if it continues on the path it has taken before, will continue to get more complicated and entertaining.  Below is the full trailer for Black Ops 4 Zombies

And finally the most exciting addition to the game will be the inclusion of a Battle Royale mode. The new mode, titled “Blackout” will include characters, weapons, and portions of maps from all of the Black Ops games, including Zombies.

Not many details were revealed, but “land, air, and sea vehicles” were confirmed to be included in some fashion.

Treyarch did confirm that there would be no traditional single player campaign in Black Ops 4, but did say that there would be narrative weaved throughout the 3 game types included. There will also be short single player missions with each of the “Specialists” in multiplayer.

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RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Last week Walmart Canada showed a ton of unannounced games on their website, taking some of the buzz out of the upcoming E3, but Bethesda has leaned into the leak heavily, and used the time to announce a sequel to the long dormant RAGE franchise.

The trailer shows off more of the bright colors that have been used in teaser images, a stark contrast to the sepia heavy original game, and also shows a lot of RAGE’s trademark gun-play with some more promised open world opportunity.

The game is being co-developed by Avalanche, who most recently finished Mad Max, a game hailed for its incredibly fun car combat mechanics, as well as id software, who most recently launched the reboot of DOOM, hailed for it’s outstanding gun-play and use of speed as a first person shooter. With the pedigree of the two developers listed, the hype around a game set in a post-apocalyptic open world centered around a bunch of guns and car combat, seems pretty appropriate.

The hesitancy for excitement is also appropriate, as the first entry to the RAGE franchise did little to inspire confidence that it could build a worthwhile story, or keep players engaged on anything but its fun gun-combat.

A release date for the game is unknown, and it is unlikely to release this calendar year, but Bethesda does have a knack for short windows between announcement and release (like when they announced Fallout 4 around this time of year, and then released it in the fall). It’s more likely that we will get more info on RAGE in the coming weeks leading up to and at E3, and then expect a full release in 2019.

Deadpool as the New “Face” of the X-Men Universe?

With Hugh Jackman not reprising his role as Wolverine it is time for a massive shift in the X-Men Universe. Their new TV shows such as Legion and Gifted as well as the two most recent movies in the universe Logan and to an extent the original Deadpool it is clear they are going for a more down to earth style of story in this new phase.

Recently Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld said that an X-Force movie was the “inevitable next step,” and we are due to get an introduction to the X-Force in Deadpool 2 later this month.

So is this the shift that they will take once the X-Men franchise moves into Disneys hands and joins the rest of the Marvel comics under the watchful eye of Mickey Mouse? I think itd be a good move. Deadpool is by far the most mainstream hero in the X-Men universe besides the now deceased Wolverine, so it only makes sense that he would be the lead on this new line of movies.

The problem they would run into is the R vs PG-13 argument. Putting Deadpool in a PG-13 movie would be hard to pull off, but to make movies widely popular and make the most amount of money on your franchise (again, Mickey Mouse) you need to be in that PG-13 range. GIPHY

I really enjoy the new direction of the X-Men universe, with more down to earth stories instead of the normal world saving antics of superheros. I don’t know if Deadpool fits into this new universe as well as most would like him to, but I’m more sold on him being a character to bring people into this new phase and shifting into a different leader for the X-Force and keeping Deadpool as a one off movie kind of character.


Bad Boys 3 Gets New Release Date

The third installment titled “Bad Boys For Life” is set to release 17 years after the sequel.

EW has reported that the third installment in the ‘Bad Boys’ series is set to be released by Sony Pictures on January 17, 2020.

The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise after the movie lost its director, Joe Carnahan, last year. The movie was originally set to release in 2017, then pushed back to 2018 before this announcement pushed it further back.

As one of the movies that popularized the “buddy cop” sub-genre I hope Bad Boys For Life gets to see the light of day. Anytime we can get more Will Smith the world is a better place.

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