E3 2018 Roundup: Bethesda

Bethesda’s conference started out slow (even if they had Andrew WK come out for a live set on stage) but the second half made way for a lot of bombshell announcements.

Bethesda hit its stride halfway through the show with the announcement of a sequel for DOOM and continued to ride that energy all the way through the end of the show. Here’s a wrapup of the major announcements in order:


Rage 2 would’ve been a huge announcement if it wasn’t leaked by Walmart Canada almost a month ago. Even so, the gameplay they showed for the trailer was fast paced and showed offa lot of interesting abilities and ?grenades?.

Overall, it looked like the gameplay, and especially the car combat, was really well refined. Won’t know until we get our hands on it how it feels though, and the trailer did nothing in the way of fleshing out a story besides telling us the playable character was the “Last Ranger of The Wasteland.”


Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls card game is getting a visual overhaul in front of its leap from Mobile/PC to the Console Market. The game will soon be available on PS4, Xbox, and Switch.

Elder Scrolls Online

The developers of Elder Scrolls Online announced two new expansions that will be coming to the game. The first, titled Wolfhunter, focuses on Werewolves while the second, titled Murkmire, will take a deep dive into Argonian Lore. No release dates were confirmed but if they keep on their quarterly schedule of releases for that game they should both be out within the coming months.

DOOM: Eternal

The sequel to DOOM (2016) is titled DOOM: Eternal and is set to be fully revealed at Quake-Con in August. From the looks of the teaser it is similar to DOOM: Hell On Earth, and the developers went as far as to tease the fact that that was the basis for the game. This was the first real surprise of the event, and set Bethesda off on a good pace they kept throughout the rest of the show.


Quake Champions:

Quake Champions got a new trailer and a pretty huge announcement. It will be free to play, forever, if you download the test this week and play. If you don’t download this week it will be another game you have to whip out your wallet to play.


Arkane Studios came out to announce some new modes and DLC for last years suprise hit Prey. New Game plus as well as a Survival mode are released right now for the game (as soon as you finish the update).

The first of two DLCs is titled Mooncrash. It is a run-through of the original game, but with an added twist. All of the enemies, hazards, and loot will be randomly generated every time you play.

Finally, Typhon Hunter is a new DLC game mode that strikes some major similarities to Hide and Seek in Gary’s Mod. It is a game of seek with 6 players, one controlling a human player and the other 5 controlling mimics and trying to blend into their surroundings.

Wolfenstein Youngblood:

One of the more exciting announcements form the evening is that we will soon be going back to the world of Wolfenstein.

In Wolfenstein Youngblood player will take control of BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters in 1980’s occupied Paris, inspiring a new generation of rebels to the Fuhrer. The game will have Co-Op, a first for the series, as players can take control of both of the sisters.

The release window for Wolfenstein Youngblood is set for 2019

Fallout 76

Woooooooah Nelly here’s the big one. Fallout 76 is taking the world to a place its never been. The game is set just 25 years after the Great War (So 2102) as Vault 76 is one of the first vaults to ever open up.

But thats not all. The game is completly multiplayer.

Yeah. Read that correctly. And i’m not any more happy about it than you are.

Fallout 76 will be a Multiplayer survival RPG, though not totally in the vain of RUST and ARK, as death wont totally reset the player. There are quests throughout the world for players to embark on, but it sounds like there will be no solely singleplayer version of the game available, as the game will be “always online” Meaning there will be “Dozens” of players in the same world as you at all times.

You can play “solo” or with your friends, and the base building mechanic from Fallout 4 returns as you are able to create a hangout spot for you and your crew. But dont think it’s going to last forever, because there are also nuclear missiles in the game! Players can take control of multiple different nuclear missile launch sites and launch tactical warheads at any point on the map, vastly altering the landscape and presumably killing everything that was there. Then they can adventure into the nuclear fallout to find rare materials left behind by the blast. All while fighting a new cast of crazy monsters inspired by actual West Virginian folk lore.

In all actuality, i’m very cautiously optimistic about this game. Playing Fallout with friends sounds like something that will be super fun, but the game has to be very well executed for me not to be wishing it was a single player experience the whole time i’m playing it.


Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI

No information at all about either of these two games other than confirmation they exist and are both “next gen.”

Todd Howard said Starfield would be a “Next-Gen Singleplayer game” and that ES6 would be coming after Starfield. If we assume the next generation of consoles is released in 2020, id look for Starfield that year and ES6 somewhere in 2022.

That’s all from Bethesda and day 2 of E3! Let us know what you thought, and which games you’re most excited for!


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