E3 Predictions!

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the year!

It’s time for a roundup of everything I think/hope will happen at E3 2018 for all of the Press Conferences and Nintendos Direct! I’m going to work through this in order, and its probably all going to be wrong. But here we go!:

EA – Saturday, June 9th – 11 AM PT

EA needs to try and put it’s reputation behind them, and focus on their new titles coming out. Anthem is going to be their tentpole game, and I would expect to get a release date announcement for November of this year. They already did a live gameplay demo last year, and will extend their demo this year to be a sizable chunk of their conference. They will also double down on the “no loot boxes” and announce that all of the post launch content will be free. This is actually one of my most anticipated games coming out soon, and I really hope they nail their delivery.


Other than Anthem, EA will focus on the upcoming Battlefield 5 (again doubling down on free expansions), as well as their yearly titles like Madden and FIFA.

Microsoft – Sunday, June 10th – 1 PM PT

Microsoft is the one company that could really be all over it, and has a strong chance at winning best press conference. They’ve got a lot of ground to make up on Sony before the next console generation begins, and it really needs to start at this E3. Obviously Microsoft knows this, and I would assume they are ready to deliver.

My main prediction for this E3 for Microsoft will be a new HALO and a new Gears of War game shown on stage. I don’t think this will be HALO 6, but instead some sort of interstistial game, and the next true sequel will be released with their next console in a couple of years. Gears of War on the other-hand will be a full game and (here’s the kicker) will include a Battle Royale game mode in it’s multiplayer.



I also believe Microsoft will take aim at rebuilding its connection to smaller games. Xbox Arcade has fallen to the wayside in the current generation, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xbox return to its roots.

Bethesda – Sunday, June 10th – 6:30 PM PT

Bethesda is my most anticipated conference, because it includes my second most anticipated game. A new entry into the Fallout series is always going to catch my eye, as Fallout 3 was one of the first games that I really fell in love with growing up. Even though I am not super into the rumors idea of a multiplayer survival game akin to ARK, I will definitely give Bethesda the benefit of the doubt and give Fallout 76 a try no matter what it is.


Another important game for Bethesda at E3 will be RAGE 2, the sequel to the long dormant RAGE franchise. If the gun-play is anywhere near as good as it was in the first, RAGE 2 will be worth picking up on that merit alone, but I would definitely like to see some exposition shown in Bethesda’s E3 conference.

Square Enix – Monday June 11th – 10 AM PT

Square Enix returns to the E3 stage after a few years of absence, and brings with it quite a few heavy hitters. The most important (to me) is Kingdom Hearts 3, the long awaited full Kingdom Hearts game. This is far and away my most anticipated game of the year, and I fully expect Square to announce a release date for it on their E3 stage this year after a lengthy game play demo. Whether they hit that date… Well i’ll see it when I believe it.


I think its a safe bet to say that Tomb Raider and Life is Strange will both be present in some form at the conference, but we may also see the first real showing of their previously announced Avengers game.

Ubisoft – Monday, June 11th – 1 PM PT

Ubisoft will certainly be showing off Assasins Creed Odyssey, the still unannounced (but very leaked) next entry into the storied franchise, at their press conference this year. But more exciting than that is possibility for story details and some gameplay from Beyond Good and Evil 2! The Division 2 will also most likely be at the press conference, as the game is set to release in this fiscal year (ends March 2019).


Sony – Monday, June 11th – 6 PM PT

Sony has said that they will be highlighting 4 first party games at their E3(Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Spiderman, and Ghost of Tsushima), but that isn’t all we will see. Sony will be announcing games throughout the week leading up to their press conference, and it is pretty guaranteed that we will see more of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 at Sony’s stage this year.


Nintendo – Tuesday, June 12th – 9 AM PT

There will be a heavy dose of Super Smash Bros. featured in Nintendo’s E3 Direct, that is as sure of a bet as you can make. As far as predictions for how that will go, I would assume there will be at least one (if not more) 3rd party characters confirmed for the game. I wouldn’t be suprised at all to see a character from Microsoft (STEVE FROM MINECRAFT) or a Ubisoft Rabbid end up on the launch roster of Smash. The precedent has already been set for outside characters, and honestly it makes a little too much sense for Steve to be in the game.


Outside of Smash I would expect some sort of sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle to be announced. We will also hopefully be getting a new trailer for Metroid Prime 4, which was revealed last E3.

Thanks for reading along! Let me know on Twitter @PopcornCLTRE what your most anticipated announcements from E3 2018 are!


2 thoughts on “E3 Predictions!

  1. Just some random thoughts….Ghost of Tsushima looks enticing. The new Smash Brothers content would be awesome. Beyond Good and Evil packs in a ton of character so that is a title I’ll personally be looking forward to seeing. A new Halo game and a Gears of War title in the series sounds great too. Looking forward to the Microsoft press conference for those titles.

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