Bethesda Game Studios is back at it! Not with a new Elder Scrolls Title (at least not publicly), but instead going back to the Wasteland for “Fallout: 76”

Bethsda announced their new game via a teaser trailer early this morning:

There is little to be learned from the trailer, other than the fact Vault 76 will be used in some capacity, a vault previously seen in an un-released mod to Fallout 3. Kotaku reports that the game will have some sort of online functionality, a first for the franchise.

The trailer looks a lot like Fallout 4, and it would be assumed they are using the same engine as the previous game which was released in 2015. The leadup to that game was extremely short, with Bethesda announcing it via a teaser trailer at around this same time of year, and the game being released in November.

Bethesda Announces “Fallout: 76”

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