Will There Ever Be a Star Wars Movie That Surpasses The Original Trilogy?

Lets get right into it.



No, I don’t think there will ever be a Star Wars Movie that surpasses the original trilogy, and especially not the Empire Strikes Back. Now don’t get bent out of shape over this, because I think you’re going to agree with me by the end of this post.

There will never be a moment more important to my love of Star Wars and subsequently Pop-Culture, than seeing The Original Trilogy (again specifically Empire) for the first time. No I didn’t see it in Theatres (that would be Louie’s department), but sitting right up in front of the television screen in the living room of my childhood home and watching Star Wars for the first time was such an important moment for me, that I don’t think it can ever be topped.

That being said, I love The Last Jedi, and am extremely excited to go watch Solo in a matter of hours at this point. Lets not act like Rey and Kylo’s fight against the Praetorian guards wasn’t the most well choreographed fight in the history of the franchise, and one of the best in movies period.


Kylo through the eye.jpg

Rogue One was also an outstanding movie that set up the fact that Star Wars could be more than just the classic Star Wars story. It could be a War Movie full of sacrifice and large amounts of death, including all of its main characters. The changes to the classic Star Wars Story that were pushed by Rogue One and The Last Jedi are absolutely necessary to keeping the franchise fresh.

Once we get over the fact that there might not ever be a Star Wars movie that meets the experience of seeing the series for the first time as a child (and that there will probably never be a movie worse than Attack of the Clones) we will all finally be able to look at these movies for what they are, great movies in our favorite franchise. Empire Feature Image.jpeg


If this single image doesn’t make you excited to see it in action, you might actually be a crazy person:



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