Deadpool 2 Review: Hip-Busting Comedy and Non-Stop Action.

The second installment of Deadpool doesn’t shine quite as bright as it’s predecessor, but still effectively does its job of entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds continued his outstanding performance from the first Deadpool into the sequel delivering perfectly well placed jokes and non-stop entendres. The movie takes a similar begining to the last, showing Deadpool in a precarious situation, and then immediately breaking the fourth wall and addressing why and how he got into said situation. In a move that could seem corny and unnecessary, Reynolds does a good job at carrying the scenes, and the action (as is the case with almost all of the action in the movie) keeps the viewer interested.


The interest of the story misses a few beats in terms of pacing and development, specifically around the introduction of slight changes to a few of the minor characters, but makes up for it’s miss-steps in establishing a strong reasoning behind Wade Wilson’s motivation. The movie sees it’s hero thrust into an incredibly difficult situation, mostly by his own doing, but does a great job at issuing a reason for him to turn it around.

The introduction of new characters to the movie was also handled well. Reynolds and Zazie Beets (Domino) establish a great back and forth that carries throughout the movie, and the addition of other new characters to the ranks seems purposeful, even if their appearance is only to set up comedy.


Overall, the movie delivers on becoming an enjoyable sequel to the great first introduction to the character. It offers a lot of real character development (something that the original lacked) and builds more of a world that is interesting enough to want to return to. The odd pacing in the second act and some missed character development from side characters keeps it’s score down, but overall this is a very good movie that is well worth your time.

Deadpool 2 review.png

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