Solo rhymes with #YOLO…

which is close to Yoda, who is green and so is money, which I think this movie may make a lot of. And with these opening crimes against grammar, I have to get on the hype train of the most anticipated movie of next weekend.

If 11 year old me knew that 35 years from now I would be getting to see the 4th STAR WARS movie in the past 4 years, my head would have exploded. Of course if there was a movie about young Han Solo meeting Chewie, I would have thought for sure that Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew would definitely be in it. 11 year old me was stuck in a 3 year debate with anyone who would have it, that Darth Vader was definitely not Luke Skywalker’s father because Luke was good and Darth was evil. Only when I saw Jedi did I believe it. But to have so many STAR WARS movies coming out at this time is a wonderful thing.

Since we now live in this time, I admit to tracking casting and story rumors of this film for the past couple of years. I was pumped with the news of Donald Glover, “the king of all media 2018” taking the smooth role of Lando Calrissian. Even after seeing Alden Ehrenreich in Hail Caesar, I was barely whelmed about him as Han. I was excited that the guys who brought you the Lego Movie were brought on to direct and bummed when they were fired mid-shoot. Disney/Lucasfilms did the brilliant thing and hired #ProfessionalMovieDirector Ron Howard to come in and fix the movie. Michael K. Williams was replaced by Paul Bettany was one of the casting changes due to scheduling conflicts, but Woody Harrelson remains as the sage veteran smuggler. The buzz is that this will be an entertaining film. I really like what Kevin Smith has to say.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.30.09 PM

That is all of the endorsement I need to see this, although I was going anyways. We are one week away. Watch this again and get hype(rspace)d.

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