Treyarch hosted a reveal event for Black Ops 4 today revealing many of the details around the game and what it would ship with, including a (you guessed it) Battle Royale mode. 

First off, to no surprise, multiplayer is returning, but with quite a few changes from the recent direction of Call of Duty. It is seemingly set around the same time as Black Ops 3, meaning the near future, but will not have any jump packs or wall running. The gameplay showed was still quick though, focusing on the use of a grappling hook, and some new mechanics including the player keeping guns up when using equipment and healing.

Yes, healing. Players will now have to manually heal themselves in Call of Duty multiplayer, adding an entirely new dimension to the game. From the look of the trailer, the time to kill on players was much higher than we are used to seeing from Call of Duty games when they were at full health (indicated by a health bar above their head). Health will not regenerate naturally though, and will require an injection to accomplish. It was not shown if this would be an immediate heal, or if it would just start the process of healing slowly.

Rounding out the returning portions of the games is the fan-favorite Zombies mode in the form of “Voyage of Despair”. The co-op undead killing party continues, and if it continues on the path it has taken before, will continue to get more complicated and entertaining.  Below is the full trailer for Black Ops 4 Zombies

And finally the most exciting addition to the game will be the inclusion of a Battle Royale mode. The new mode, titled “Blackout” will include characters, weapons, and portions of maps from all of the Black Ops games, including Zombies.

Not many details were revealed, but “land, air, and sea vehicles” were confirmed to be included in some fashion.

Treyarch did confirm that there would be no traditional single player campaign in Black Ops 4, but did say that there would be narrative weaved throughout the 3 game types included. There will also be short single player missions with each of the “Specialists” in multiplayer.

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Black Ops 4 Reveal Event: What We Learned (All Trailers Included)

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