Last week Walmart Canada showed a ton of unannounced games on their website, taking some of the buzz out of the upcoming E3, but Bethesda has leaned into the leak heavily, and used the time to announce a sequel to the long dormant RAGE franchise.

The trailer shows off more of the bright colors that have been used in teaser images, a stark contrast to the sepia heavy original game, and also shows a lot of RAGE’s trademark gun-play with some more promised open world opportunity.

The game is being co-developed by Avalanche, who most recently finished Mad Max, a game hailed for its incredibly fun car combat mechanics, as well as id software, who most recently launched the reboot of DOOM, hailed for it’s outstanding gun-play and use of speed as a first person shooter. With the pedigree of the two developers listed, the hype around a game set in a post-apocalyptic open world centered around a bunch of guns and car combat, seems pretty appropriate.

The hesitancy for excitement is also appropriate, as the first entry to the RAGE franchise did little to inspire confidence that it could build a worthwhile story, or keep players engaged on anything but its fun gun-combat.

A release date for the game is unknown, and it is unlikely to release this calendar year, but Bethesda does have a knack for short windows between announcement and release (like when they announced Fallout 4 around this time of year, and then released it in the fall). It’s more likely that we will get more info on RAGE in the coming weeks leading up to and at E3, and then expect a full release in 2019.

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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